Why Should IT Companies Include Automation in Their Recruitment Process

What Is Recruitment Automation?

Recruitment automation emphasizes the use of tools & software’s in order to automate the manual tasks related to the recruitment process. These tools usually have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) & a chatbot, allowing applicants to apply for vacant roles and interview them without actually interacting with a recruiter. Automation is even more significant for companies after the COVID pandemic.


Firstly, the major benefit of having an application tracking system is that you can collectively post jobs on all major platforms with the click of a button, once they are integrated with your ATS. Many ATS allow free listing of the job across Glassdoor, WayUp, Google Jobs, Indeed, JobRapido, ZipRecruiter etc. You can even handle the promoted jobs listings from the ATS as well.

Round Zero Screening

If more than 100’s of the applicants applying for a specific job role every day then manually vetting the applicants can be a nightmare. The best you can do is vet the applicant’s resume and use keywords to eliminate the irrelevant ones, but what about the rest? Do recruiting managers have time to talk with all of them? Are they all competent?

Technical Screening

There are various online skill evaluation tools accessible in the market, such as TestGorilla, HackerRank, and Mettl. They use a few pre-defined types of questions to decode candidates’ coding aptitude, analyze candidates’ comprehension of basic technical ideas, and assess candidates’ coding skills in general programming languages in a monitored manner. With their near-true results on applicants, these technologies help screen out more than 60% of candidates and save panelists’ time.

Candidate Management and Scheduling

ATS or your own HRMS software acts as a single point of interaction for recruiters, candidates, hiring managers, and panels, ATS makes life easier for everyone by making the system real-time and providing a single point of truth for all stakeholders in the business.

Why recruitment automation has become more important to Companies post-pandemic?

Recruitment automation benefits businesses as well as candidates & recruiters. Most of those problems associated with traditional recruiting tactics are eliminated by using an automated tool. Time taking jobs are replaced by more effective automated tools, making the entire process faster and easier for everyone engaged.

Benefits of using recruitment automation:

Reduces the task of documentation

When you think of automation, the first thought which comes to the mind is the time-consuming process of documenting. It’s not possible for anyone to go through a large number of resumes, look for keywords, and organize the resumes in order of significance. By classifying resumes on the basis of their relevancy to the job description, automation overcomes this factor. This allows the recruitment team to concentrate on more vital activities, such as conducting interviews.

Helps Companies Streamline Their Processes

Employers can use automation to automate & organize their hiring procedures, making it easier to screen out unqualified individuals. This allows recruiting managers to concentrate on the best candidates &, as a result, hire better applicants.

Gives Employers More Time to Focus on What Matters Most

Hiring managers have a lot on their plates. They have numerous tasks from other aspects of their professions that they must have to attend to in parallel to acquiring qualified hires, and they are frequently tugged in multiple directions at the same time.

Helps to attract better talent

Companies must engage in an easy-to-use hiring process which allows candidates to obtain more information about the organization, apply for open job roles, and track the status of their applications in order to attract the best talent.

Saves time

By removing some of the more time-consuming activities that recruiters face, automating some portions of the recruitment process one can save a lot of effort & time. It will allow more time for hiring managers to focus on interviewing applicants and building genuine relationships with them, as well as automate duties like scheduling interviews & sharing rejection letters.

Eliminates biases

Another advantage of automation is that it can assist in ensuring that everyone is treated equally. Machine learning algorithms are solely concerned in skills & experience, not with gender, race, or age (which aids in removing the unconscious bias).

Some Popular Tools used by Companies to Automate Recruitment Process

While it may appear hard to completely automate the process of researching and hiring the best candidate for the job, there are a few tools and approaches that may be used to make the process less tedious & more effective. Some of the popular tools are:


A recruitment process automation technology improves the transparency & compliance of the staffing process in addition to lowering the cost &time of hiring. You may also reduce the human errors which may occur in a manual recruitment process by using an RPA.



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