How to Effectively Manage Time Zone Differences While Working with Remote Teams

Staffing Right Employees

Competency is a must-have for remote employees. You must have faith in your team members’ ability to work independently and properly manage their time.

Utilizing Time Management & Collaboration Tools

Time zones can easily turn into a mathematical problem. Consider the following scenario: You want to contact a Tokyo team member, but you’re not sure if their time zone is ahead of yours.

Collaborating Remotely

All members of the team don’t have to be at the same place or work at the same time to coordinate on day-to-day tasks. There are various collaboration options from which to choose depending on your requirements. Some of them are Instant messaging apps, Task management software, and Progress trackers.

Using Agile Practices for Employee Management

For many remote teams, agile principles have become the key tool for increasing productivity. Although agile methodologies were first used by software development teams but other remote teams can benefit from them to increase productivity, generate better products, improve customer satisfaction, and accomplish goals.

Incorporating both Synchronous & Asynchronous Communication

You can interact with your team members no matter where they are in the world thanks to technological advancements. Teams can use Asana, Google Meet, Zoom & Skype communication channels to make online presentations, do daily stand-ups, & interact with one another.

Aligning the Right Balance Between Asynchronous & Synchronous Communications

The balance of synchronous and asynchronous communications among remote teams must be managed. There are instances when asynchronous communications can work sufficiently for a group. They do, however, require synchronous contact in order to address difficulties in real time and share information.

Periodic Virtual Events and Socializing

Project planning, execution, and evaluation are frequently the driving forces behind workplace communication. However, there should be times set aside for social gatherings. The majority of businesses hold annual events. Those yearly gatherings, on the other hand, aren’t going to cut it.


Remote workers are an essential element of a company’s resources, and they need to be managed appropriately for maximum productivity. If you want to get the most out of your remote employees that work across multiple time zones, you’ll need to put up processes and tools that make it easy for them to communicate and share information.



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